Coffee vs Advocare Spark

June 11, 2012 | No Comments

Spark is an energy vitamin drink that works with your brain receptors. It is not filled with tons of stimulants to increase heart rate. What this means is your brain will actually fire faster allowing more mental focus. This is good for everyone because it allows you to continue your day with more mental capacity as opposed to jittery energy that actually slows the brain function and kicks in more fight or flight reactions in the body causing you to crash quickly. 

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From a muscle building/fat loss stand point. When having stimulants that increase heart rate it will also affect insulin levels. This causes the body to look for simple sugars (called glucose) which is stored in the muscle. This means that the body tears down the muscle to get this simple sugar which will decreases lean muscle and that will decrease the body’s metabolism (remember to think of the more muscle the hotter the fire and the more calories you will naturally burn so you want to preserve muscle and teach the body to look for other sources of fuel). So on the flip side if you have a drink like spark that doesn’t increase your heart rate and works with your brain receptors and your blood sugars stay normal your body can look to fat as a fuel (fat is also a fuel but takes a process to break down into a simple form that can be used as fuel for the body). If the body is not in a big hurry (meaning your heart rate isn’t elevated) it will go through this process and you will begin to eat away at the fat stores.

The coffee bean releases cortizol in the body which creates more mid section fat. So if you can get someone to replace their coffee with spark they will begin to lose body fat just based on the change from coffee to spark.

Plus, Spark tastes really good. All of the flavors are surprisingly good.   In addition to these benefits, it’s much cheaper cup-for-cup than coffee.

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